Which team am I on? #PoliticalPost

Over the past months – or maybe even couple of years something interesting has been happening. I have found myself in the ‘opposite team’ cheering or hoping for a common goal. And what’s even stranger is that this hasn’t been a complete switcheroo.  It just seems to happen every now and then. No! I am not […]

Into the mind of a believer

Those who follow me on Facebook would have frequently seen my lengthy discussions with my old classmate Stephen Raj. And these discussions revolve around the same topic – the age old debate on reason vs. faith. (I have a feeling Steve wouldn’t approve of the way I have pitted reason against faith.) Over the years we have […]

Wishlist 2015-16

Sometimes it feel like these ‘annual tradition‘ posts might end up being the lone warrior keeping the blog alive. I just wish at least one year someone (other than the wifey) decides to look at this and buy me something from the list… Am looking at you. Before we get to this year’s wishlist, let’s look […]

To hang, or not to

That, is now a moot point. Because as the newscasters are updating us minute by minute, Yakub Menon – one of the accused in the 1993 Mumbai blasts (we have to name the year since we have had so many) was ‘hanged to death’ earlier today. Social media of course has latched on to this […]

Baahubali – Quick Thoughts

Edit: Added a sentence on Tammanah’s character.   This is not a review. I repeat. This is not a review. Just some thoughts on the movie neatly put into a bulleted list. If this was in a PPT, the slide title would have been… you guessed it, NOT A REVIEW. I was very curious about the […]

Ramzan 2015: Haleem Reviews

Being a gang of foodies, my friends and I have had a tradition every year – Haleem hopping. As you would have guessed, this is an excuse for all of us to jump into a (crowded) car, and dash of to the ‘old city’ to taste the usual assortment of Haleems on offer and decide whose […]