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Why do girls like Elsa in Frozen. She was a dick - horrible queen, never interacted with her citizens, froze the entire town, came close to killing her sister (again). Why isn't she the actual villain? #SeriousKochan

Love your headphones, but have a phone without a jack? Make your existing earphones wireless. #talkingTech #AskTheGeeks

This is devastating. If anyone needs me, I will be crawled up in a ball in a corner reciting lines from Guna, Mahanadi, MMKR, Nayakan,

Never understood the appeal of going hunting till I got myself a mosquito bat. A larger version to swat pigeons would be great #KosuBat

Tried my hand at 🥦 and 🌽 soup from @saffrontrail. Not too shabby eh? #healthyfood…

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