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good statements for women to practice:
1) you interrupted me. i’m not finished talking.
2) no
3) that isn’t funny
4) that isn’t appropriate
4) i already know that
5) that won’t be necessary
6) leave me alone
7) you’re making me uncomfortable
8) stop ignoring what i’m saying

We look at India's favourite phone - the Redmi Note 4. What makes this India's highest selling phone? Watch to find out. #BudgetPhones #PaisaVasool #talkingTech

An year ago North India was wonder WTF is going on with tams and #jallikattu protests. Now shoe is on the other foot with #PadmavatiControversy. Meanwhile we Hyderabadis are still going 'kya he ki kya ki' while sipping chai.

Super exciting package was waiting for me. #ARRahman #Encore

I have a daughter whose pastime is to take any set of data points and categorise them. #ProudDad

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