Wishlist 2015-16

Sometimes it feel like these annual tradition‘ posts might end up being the lone warrior keeping the blog alive. I just wish at least one year someone (other than the wifey) decides to look at this and buy me something from the list… Am looking at you.

Before we get to this year’s wishlist, let’s look at where we stand with last year’s. We had a very ambitious list which was not very well thought out. So here goes nothing.

House Believe me when I say that when typing this in last year’s list, our plans were in the “Should we begin to consider buying a home”.

I am happy to say that this is one big check mark. We moved into our new apartment at Luxor just 4 days ago (19th October).


Car I had been itching for a new car, but owing to being away from Hyderabad, I could not sell the old Santro, so stuck with the sturdy girl. To this day.

But we do have a car coming in. Just some paperwork between me and the shiny new Ford Aspire. So another big check mark here too. Who would have thunk it? Certainly not me.


HTC Volantis The Nexus 9 turned out to be a stinker. But that doesn’t mean I went with another tablet. We stuck it out with Tvisha’s tablet, and even she seems to have outgrown it.


Do I still need one? Let’s see.


NextPhone I think I had my Nexus 5 when I posted this. And the Nexus 5 remains by favourite phone ever. But since the Nexus 6 was a stinker too, I went with OnePlus, something I haven’t been too happy about.  I expect a phone in this year’s list as well.

Status? Since the list just said ‘next phone’ (with good reason), my OnePlus One counts, and so a check mark.


Kindle Wifey gifted this one.  Very very happy with it. Very.


Android Wear Gifted me a klunky LG Gwatch last Christmas. Not exactly the most stylish watch, in fact it very well might be the most unstylish watch ever. But the aim was to check out Android Wear, so check mark me up again.


This was probably the best year for wishlist fulfillment, pity I didn’t put in a cure for cancer and world peace in that list. And knowing me, these won’t make this year’s list as well.

In case you didn’t know, I dont start writing these with the list all in my head. Every single time, its me thinking “what else would I buy if I had the money” with my hands on the keyboard. That explains why the lists of late struggle to reach 10 items, even though during the course of the year I must have bought crap loads of..crap. So this year, I am thinking I will take a few days to fill up this list.

NextPhone That was an easy one. It probably will be on next year’s list as well.

I have the Nexus 6P in mind now. So let’s see what happens.




A 4K large screen TV would be good no?
Sound System Thinking of a particular Philips one, hope I bite the bullet.
AndroidWear The current gen watches don’t offer anything other than better looks compared to my Gwatch, and AndroidWear is still doesn’t have a very compelling use case. But when/if it does, I would want to upgrade.


Massager Always mooched a foot massage in the mall, and always craved one. The top o line ones are too damn expensive though. Maybe I will settle with a Chinese knockoff…and maybe regret it. Let’s see.


Tablet I want to have a tablet on the fridge, and have some ideas for it. This would probably be a cheap tablet, or maybe I can use Tvisha’s tab and buy her a shiny new one.


2nd TV We have a place for it in our bedroom, but don’t need one since we watch stuff on our phones (thanks to Ogle). But this might be useful during Game of Thrones season.


AC Oh yes! This is actually a ‘must buy’. We need new ACs for the new house. Would be surprised if this one didn’t make it.


Smoothie Maker You know I have a weakness for things advertised on shopping channels. The Magic Bullet is something I have been craving for. J I am going to regret this one for sure.


Espresso Machine I bought a really cool one during my first job. Loved making frothy steamed coffee. I think its time for an encore.

Well what do you know? I was able to list out 10 things in 1 sitting. I was about to put in a gaming console, then realized I already bought one (it wasn’t on last year’s list, but was on the list for 2013 I think).

And for my generous friends reading this (again, I mean you), do consider these, I have a birthday coming up shortly.