Wishlist 2014

Has it been a year already? Wow! Let the annual shame and greed post begin.


Wishlist 2013

Raspberry pi / Android Device “If this one doesn’t get checked by next year, I have to drown in shame.”

Yes, thats what I had said last year. And the result…take me to a pool of shame..and strap me to an anvil. Didn’t go ahead with this, and in hindsight with good reason. I don’t think this will make it to my list this year..or will it? The Chromecast partly takes care of some things I wanted to do here.

Console WiiU? PS4? Xbox? Ouya? do I play enough to justify a new console? Hardly

No surprises here… except Ouya??? Really???? In any case if I do pull the trigger, it will most likely be the XBox One…

Google X Phone This turned out to be the MotoX – a really good phone. I didn’t get it…but my awesome Nexus 5 is a superior alternative. This one is definitely a check.
Noise Cancelling Headphones I bought these really good harmon earphones in London, but also managed to damage them. Now I have these decent ones from Cowon – but no noise cancellation and all. A half check here if possible.
Windows 8 device Sandhya did recently get a Dell Windows 8 laptop – with awesome discrete graphics and all. But its no Surface Pro.

So this year’s list of things that I want are:

House Whoa! Ya…this is a big one, and one we have been thinking about for a year or so now.  The big question that we cannot figure out the answer to is ‘where’? Mumbai? Bangalore? Or another one in Hyderabad.
And unless we answer this one I do not think we would be jumping on this big one.
Car Hold on! Is this a repeat of the list from 5 years ago? The Santro works well, and everyone knows that I am a gadget and tech geek not an auto enthusiast.  Put this one in because last year, I couldn’t get the list beyond five items, so why not be more whimsical this year?
HTC Volantis Now we are back on our usual tech track. And so you know we are being serious here.
I am of course referring to the HTC made Nexus tablet that is rumoured now. The Galaxy Tab we have now is showing its age (2 years now) and though its only used by Tvisha, I do think we need a shiny new tab.
NextPhone Not sure what my next phone will be…. But I do know what Sandhya’s next phone will be – my Nexus 5 (she currently uses my old Galaxy Nexus).

There is a rumoured Nexus phablet by Motorola – that’s a possibility but the size puts me off

I most probably will not jump ship to Windows Phone – too sucked into Google ecosystem. Got dangerously close to buying a Lumia 1020 this year though.

Motorola X+1 perhaps? They have been timely with their updates.
I need an awesome camera, great battery life, and a fingerprint reader – hate typing in my PIN each time.
This category is wide open

Kindle Priority wise, this is probably #1. I really do think this will help me read more. Only the fact that Amazon India is charging a ridiculously high price is holding me back. Can’t wait for my next trip or for someone to come down here.
Android Wear Yes! The round watches look droolworthy – and how could I not have this? From the current lot, the GwatchR and the Moto360 have my attention.


Well, looks like I haven’t managed to list out 10 items this year either. But I will keep my options and eyes open, and update this post when greed calls.