Save money!!!

Just figured out how I can save $$$ spent on watching Bollywood flicks. Just read the comic version on the vigil idiot. At least this way ever move is entertaining.

Interview to avoid a Vamp’s ire

Okay…. You know I hate doing these kinda posts, but I have been given the opportunity to weasel this post as a ‘gift’ for someone. And me being the cheapo that I am, I would not pass up a chance to save head-racking time thinking of a gift idea and also some valuable $$$. So […]

My Rules III [Updated]

In the glorious tradition of Bollywood movies adding a song after the first week just to spite the first-day first-show viewers, I know have an ‘extraa rule’ for the ‘2nd Grand Day’ of this post. For previous lists of ‘My Rules’ visit here and here  All right, its been almost 6 months since I told […]