Not again

How difficult is it to remember a birthday? Very.  Yet again I forgot a very important birthday…one I knew was coming up…and then one day…Wham!! Its passed by. October 6th was the …damn! October 9th was the..6th birthday for this blog. That’s right, this is probably one of the oldest surviving blog. I know i […]

Tweet Me This

You can now see my Tweets right here on vixdom…. move your head ever so slightly to the right..and there you go!


I am aware of the golden rule of Rahman music – ‘Thou shalt listen at least 7 times before passing judgment’ But just listened to Blue this morning in the car…. and all I can say is as per the Rahman Theorem don’t expect much from the movie. Of course the fact that it has […]

No big deal

Changed ISPs. And my new ISP gave me a domain name as part of the deal. So what does it mean? Well, starting today you can type in ‘’ in your browser, to visit.  Ya…I know. Hence the title.