Wishlist 2009 – 10

1.      Refrigerator Managed to get one….Yipee(!!!)
2.       HiDef Projector or LCD TV If this is in the list for 2011, I will kill myself. Seriously.
3.      2 good vacations Got one…. And looks like no vacations for a long long time….but for a good reason.
4.       Cool laptop Typing this post on it now, almost a year down the line and am still happy with it.
5.      Sunglasses

🙁 Really hoping for it still

6.       iPod with good dock Wifey gifted the iPod, and made a semi-portable dock kinda thingy. So I don’t want this thingy anymore.
7.      Nintendo Wii Umm…..

And now that we are done with the progress report on last year’s list, let’s move on to…

  Wish List 2009 – 2010.

Not that we cannot buy one right now, but we are somehow always waiting for a better one at a lower price point. Right now, am waiting for the LED TV to become cheaper
  1. PS3
The PS3 Slim. Man!!! Its so darn sexy, and it would also go well with the entire home theatre scene.
  1. Sunglasses
This thing is jinxed. Each time I come close to buying one, something bad happens. Almost makes me too scared to go out and attempt to buy one again. Honest!
  1. MFD
A multi-function device that is. And in case you still have a big ‘?’ over your head. It’s one of them Printer + Scanner + Photocopier thingies…
  1. LCD Monitor & TV for bedroom
The LG Monitor TV seems to be a good solutions…maybe soon.
  1. Upscaling DVD Player (if no PS3)
But I do want the PS3… sniff! L
  1. One more AC for TV room
Hopefully in time for summer 2010, along with #8
  1. Power Backup
Not sure how much it would cost if I hope to have the AC running though. Might have to settle for fan.
  1. N72 ?
Find myself looking at it on the web now and then. I am too in love with my N51 even now so it feels like cheating if I even crave for an iPhone. But with an n72, its like… cheating with the sister? Eww!
  1. Cutest baby in the whole wide world
Oh wait…. I already have this one. 😀

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