The world will remember you for your amazing talent and not for anything else…. hopefully

Life post #3

Now I realize this is getting to be more than you bargained for. But am going to make you sorry you asked about my personal life and swear to let me be. Nyways, another one of the anxieties of parenthood (or hopefully soon to be parenthood, but not too son that its before the expected […]

Life post #2

Life Post #1 For those who are not in the know, me and Sandhya are expecting. The stork is scheduled to make the stopover sometime in mid August. Of course, we do not know the sex of the baby since sex determination is illegal here in India. Now, when for the past few months I […]

This guy is goooood….

Its no secret that I love comic strips. In recent times, I have found only two three strips which have been consistently funny. Two of them are Pearls, and Basic Instructions. The third is amazingly an Indian strip. Now it is my opinion a cold fact that no Indian strip has ever been funny yet. […]

Life post #1

In the past year, I have got two (yes, 2.0) emails that the blog doesn’t talk much about my life, and they visit to kind of catch up with me. In my defence, Vixdom (as the title intends to suggest) is about me dispensing my ideas and whatnot. It isn’t meant to be a personal […]

Nuff said

  I still stand by my statement that cartoonists are the philosophers of this era.

Are you 18 or older?

I recently put up google analytics to get some stats on who read vixdom. Interesting results to say the least. Thought you might be interested in a few stats. I got 16% of traffic through a google search on the keyword ‘pornography’ This confirms yet again the fact that sex drives the internet. Long ago, […]