A long winded (and probably pointless) post

I had blogged earlier about ‘Religulous’ and how I wanted to talk a bit more about it. Well, here we are. This isn’t a review or anything. It’s more along the sidelines of something that I was thinking about while watching it. Bill Maher, interviews a few people about the bible and generally expresses his […]

Hara Bhara Kabaab

Me and Sanz also part-observed Earth Hour. You know, we were all supposed to turn off all our lights for one hour in the evening today and help fight global warming and all. We turned off all the lights, but we did keep the TV on. Watched Juno. Liked it just as much I did […]

At long last

I checked with the relevant authorities, and they confirmed that this doesn’t count as a ‘comeback post’, so I don’t have to make up excuses or give reasons. As a matter of fact, I am guessing you guys are used to the pace of the blog now. Anyways,( btw, if you subscribe to Reader’s digest, […]

Weasel’s day out

Have I  been busy? Hell no! Did I have nothing to say or share? Slim chances, since I have been primarily responsible for my colleagues and family wearing out their eardrums.  Have I been lazy? …. uh.. anyways, I do have lots to post about, but while we wait for me to be less lazy, […]