I see the king’s fanny

Just finished seeing the toast of the season. Am of course, talking about ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. The movie which supposedly has put India in the news…for all the right reasons and wrong. Its raked up the Oscar nominations and of course critical feedback. So when I set down to watch it (on a  pirated download …same […]

List On!

The draft of my birthday resolutions is now up. update: Wish you a Happy New Year!!

Birthday Rezols 09

Have tried to make most of this year’s resolutions to be measurable. Sadly, most of them are repeats of old resolutions… but what the heck… here goes nothing. 1. Lose at least 10 Kilos2. Save an additional 1 lac Rs.3. Post on an average of 4 blog posts a month4. Write at least 2 stories.5. Track […]