That’s arabic for sorry. I know my usual excuse for not blogging has always been ‘There isn’t anything going on to blog about.’ And a few of you (very few, the rest are happy that am not cluttering up the web apparently) have ribbed me that now that am in Cairo, and travellin to Dubai […]


I got the comments system to work again. This had been bothering me for quite sometime and I must have gone through about a bazillion changes in templates and layout hoping that it will bring the comments back on my blog. But what spurred me to *DO* something about it and fix it was that […]

Modern Egyptian Architecture

Boy! This has got to be the most boring post title I have ever come up with. Anyways, The place I am working in, in Cairo is called ‘Smart Village’ (or Akara Zakaiya locally). Think of it as the Egyptian equivalent of our own Hi-Tec City or Electronic City. Its just about the same, located […]

H2 Who?

What’s the deal here? Are Indians the only people who still drink water? The last time I saw a public place having access to drinking water was Hyderabad International Airport.  The folks here offer any beverage for hospitality, but water. Even the restaurants do not serve water.   I had to spend a day with a […]

Cairo Chronicles

Y’know what the darndest thing about Cairo is? Everywhere you look around, the people you see are….. locals. That’s right, the denizens of God’s own country don’t seem to have invaded Egypt yet. In any case the sphinx has waited for 4000 years, it can wait for a little while more for the first Nayar […]