My Film Festival

  Over the past month, I have been seeing movies almost every weekend… no no! Make that every weekend… hold on! in fact, make that two..or maybe three every weekend. The ones which come to mind first of course, are the ones which stand out for whatever reasons. There was Jodhaa Akbar, which I am […]


Now that the Indian Hockey Team has proved that it’s just as good.. just like the Indian Cricket team (don’t think just in terms of the recent win down-under) I wonder why the media isn’t asking that the Indian public treat the hockey team the same way the Indian cricket team was treated after […]

Ten in Draft

That’s right, the count of unfinished posts in my Blogger drafts folder has touched double digits…..This is one of the worst bouts of writer’s block i have ever been afflicted with. But I do feel like writing about Jodhaa Akbar (a movie review at long last..) So you might want to check back that the […]