Lists Ahoy!

I finally uploaded Khasi’s latest Wishlist…. Sorry for the delay dude!! If you want to put up your wishlist online, so that you can look back at it later send it over to me. There is just one catch… These must be things that money can buy. Blogged with Flock

Riwin – Wishlist 07 -08

Wishlist 06 -07 1. A Russian sniper rifle (Dragunov) with (at least) 100 extra bullets.(Still on the list) 2. Long holiday (ofcourse and longing for more) 3. Well compiled book of proverbs. (yes online – curtesy google) 4. All the unpublished books of J.D.Salinger (not right now) 5. An 80GB MP3 player.(got an 80GB external […]

What do you say?

If you know me personally, you probably know that I am a closet geek. You probably even took technical advice from me at some point of your life…whether you had asked me for the piece of advice and the outcome of it is another matter altogether. Coming to the point, I frequently bump into new […]

Beat the IVR

Remember the good old days, when you could call customer care and talk to a person who would resolve your problem? Neither do I. But I hear that a certain phone company in Bolivia actually has a customer care number with a humanoid being on the other end. The rest of the world of course, […]