Sups' Wish List – 2007 – 08

Its been sometime since Sups updated her wish list….her last wish list dates back to 2003. So before making this year’s list, in keeping with tradition of Vixlist, she has to see where she stands….Here it is.. Wishlist 2003 (July 24th)1. Loads of soft toys – Doesn’t interest me though I can afford it now. […]

Ramblings of an undercover statistician

1. 436,401 people are saying “Working hard? Or hardly working?” and laughing at their ingenuity right now. 2. 16 people in Hyderabad city alone have bought the car sticker of a puppy peering from under a curtain in a hope that their car will be unique. 3. 1.31% of the world population will wonder if […]

Q1 Racing

Last weekend, I had to go to the railway reservation counter to cancel a ticket. It’s been ages since I went to one what with online tickets and all… In fact, I realized that its been quite sometime since I even stood in a queue. I do all my bill payments and ticket purchases online, […]

Ass seen on TV

I watch a fair amount of television. Perhaps not as much as the average Indian housewife. Recent statistics reveal she spends what amounts to twice the lifespan of the average Mongolian Kangaroo Flea* everyday watching soaps named by dyslexic sadhu’s from the seventeen and hafth century. As for me, my TV watching time is equally […]