Another cool site…

If you are in marketing or in a job which has you making PPTs, then you must check out this site called SlideShare.If you don’t know what a PPT is, then don’t even bother…

Ain’t this cool…?

I signed up for this cool service from Snap.That’s what is responsible for those tiny speech bubble like icons scattered all over. Just try hovering your mouse over one of those…. Ain’t it cool?

Wierdest ad …….ever

It would help if you can read the title of the blog in the Comic Book Guy’s (from The Simpsons) accent. Anyway, I noticed this very..very weird hoarding (that’s a bill board for you yankee)… Its on the way to my office and close to my home, and is for a brand of chicken. Couldn’t […]


NISHABD – 01. Roza… Saw Nishabd over the weekend. Right now I would say it is Ram Gopal Varma’s best ever. You read that right. I am going to stick my neck out and say this. Yes, its better than Satya, better than even Kshana Kshanam. And if your nostrils are flaring, wait a bit. […]

The next logical step

I was reading this article that said that scientists have discovered some chimps in Africa which are now using spears to hunt other animals. It seems to me that we aimed our huge dish antennas outwards looking for intelligent life forms in other galaxies, and overlooked the chance that some other species might evolve into […]