Living Better #3

Part 1Part 2 It has been sometime since I let you in on another one of my saucer of secrets to living better… This bit though was something I realized last Saturday in Bangalore (My cousin Prashi can vouch for that) Every day, just once, when you feel like peeing, hold it in. I repeat. […]

A 2nd draft…

I complained earlier that I was not entirely satisfied with my ‘nugget of wisdom’. It was too long and rambling, and I needed something short and spiffy. Let me know if this second draft of the message works.. If you want a relationship that lasts your lifetime, you better take up smoking. Is this version […]

My Eureka

I believe that every person has something to contribute towards humanity’s pool of wisdom. My friend Nimish for example, had this quote to contribute towards the pool “Life is too big for small events.” Now you might not exactly know what he is talking about, or maybe each of you will interpret it in your […]

Seriously dorks!!!

Are the geeks / dorks / whatever really that clueless? Check this news from SETI, That is begging for jokes….. here are some comments on the article from the web… ***Warning excessive toiler humour to follow***Oh yeah? Uranus has a dark spot too! Hey, it’s called a birthmark. No need to make fun 🙁 Uranus […]

Why the dudes get through…

Was having a conversation with someone at work yesterday at the growing incidence of ‘Oops!‘ among couples. For those practicing abstinence (That includes regular readers of my blog like the pope, the dalai lama and you) Quite a few of my friends are married or at least committed. And (so far) the incidence of the […]