Spam Back

Sometime back, I had written about how I got back at spammers I got some suggestions on ‘best practices’ followed by some of my friends. One of my friends actually subscribes to paper spam. He fills out any of the forms which ask for his address but ignores the ones which ask for email. He […]


Am not sure if this is for real, but it looks horrid enough to be. Check out the ‘re-invention’ of Betty & Veronica from Archies. Okay, I admit I don’t fit into their target audience anymore and it really has been ages since I read a new one (I flip through the old digests since […]

Coff Coff

Had a bad cough (still do), and a slight viral (which has gone ahead for greener pastures). The past week’s kinda hazy though, I mean I don’t really remember where one day ended and the other began. I don’t get sick often, maybe once ever two years or so. So I often forget what its […]

Spam Spam Spam Spam

During the course of a normal day, I end up answering 4-5 calls from credit card companies, clubs, phone companies, matrimonial services (take my word for it) etc. I usually save all these numbers under the group ‘spam’. You would be surprized at how many times you get calls from the same numbers. Almost half […]


Last weekend we were watching a show featuring kids where kids showcased some ideas to ‘make the world a better place’. The ideas were uh.. ‘cute’ (which means they were dumb, but since kids have the IQ roughly equaling a jar of mayonnaise, I guess they were okay). My friend told me that she found […]