The real James Bond

I still haven’t seen the new James Bond flick, maybe I will catch up with it in Bengalooru. Yep! Am goin there for the long weekend. And if you are reading this today, then don’t tell my folks I am coming. 🙂 Btw, don’t you think the only person who comes close to being James […]

Pisses me off…

21st November 2006 Amitabh Bacchan mouthing ‘Zindagi yadon ki ladi he, lamhon se judi he’ Slow and heavy vehicles which don’t give way Auto walahs People named Nikhil (Have no clue why though) Cable walahs ..more to come…

New list out

Sometime back I made a list of things that made me ..well..happy. I made that list way back in 2004, its almost 2 years since then and I just realized that all those things…well, they still work. But its just that I don’t remember the last time I did some of them. Anyway, thats not […]


Just a quick post to say Hi…. Was busy all week and no broadband at home. I promise 2 good posts next week to make up for this extra sucky one. As a consolation, I will also put in a good comic strip for you.

Getting back at the customers..

Is it just me or does the new logo for Cisco look like someone giving you ‘the finger’.. or rather two fingers… Is this the company’s not so subtle way of ‘giving it’ to their customers and investors? Or is it the work of some evil genius brand consultant?

Rukavat ke liye khed he…

Well, my stalemate with Airtel (my ISP) continues. My last interaction with them (earlier today) went like this Airtel Guy: Sir, this is regarding your complaint that your internet isn’t working. Can you tell me about the problem? Me: Not sure if that will help! It certainly didn’t the first 28 times. But hey! Maybe […]