Living better – #2

Okays! Decided I would not be blogging about Time management or Body building…but don’t heave a sigh of relief yet… Cauz herz me telling you how to live better… Here goes.. Sometimes it might seem that something that made you happy in the past doesn’t seem to do it anymore. You feel you don’t enjoy […]

Off 2 Bang

My Broadband is off since I’ve not yet paid my bill… 🙂 But I’ve been besotted with TV for the past week since I have Tata Sky now. Been watchin whatever tripe is served to me…but its digital stereo DVD quality there! Am off to Bangalore for Diwali and will be back on Monday […]

Juley Leh, Juley Leh…

If you are expecting a detailed travelogue here, prepared to be disappointed. I will not be telling you in detail about each day and place. This can be because of two reasons: 1. I am not sure that my writing skills (or lack of) would do justice in describing the splendor of Ladakh. 2. I […]

Back to business

Came back home at 6PM today. End of the longest vacation since I started working. Expect a long post very soon about the trip…. Am turning in now…. Juley