My Power Take Off

I will be on (as my office terms it) PTO from Saturday the 30th of September for 10 whole glorious days. As far as I knew this was called a vacation or leave, and I have no idea what PTO means. Being a person who would not take ignorance lying down (I prefer a semi-slouched […]

Living better – #1

When one is blessed with an extraordinary insight into life, one feels obliged to share it with lesser mortals. And with this little bit, I shall begin dispensing ‘Vixdom’ on how to … live better. Today’s lesson. Life is divided into things you want to do, and things you have to do. Your aim…every day, […]


Many of you….Okay, 3 of you, asked me about the earliest memories post in vixlist.Here’s what they were all about… (To paraphrase Forrest Gump) I dont remember being born..or my first Diwali.. But these were some of the memories which spilled out when I dug my hands upto elbows into my brain’s dusty old Trunk […]

Earliest Memories

Originally compiled on Monday, August 18, 2003 A balcony…on an upper floor… wooden railing? A parrot cage in sight ( with a parrot? ) A Large hall to the left, a room straight ahead. ( BTW, was the wooden railing green?? ) Marketplace, early in the morning. There are loads of vegetables…(and fish too). Clutching […]

Lists Ahoy!!!!

You might be aware of VixList , my collection of wish lists of various people and a few other lists too. Well, as it turns out, I have started a new list here. This is a list of the 3 earliest memories you have. Sounds simple? Trust me, you are goin to be racking your […]

Which Comic?

For no particular reason, I was wondering which comic character would I want to be…. across all genres… I coulnd’t think of any… The obvious thoughts were… Calvin – I hated school. Don’t wanna go back there… Richie Rich – Can’t spend my life wearing blue tight shorts…and a bowtie…heavens no!!!Archie – Be a teenager […]

Across the universe

Listenin to the song right now, and each time I listen to it, it makes more sense to me.Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup…. Ever have one of those days when one moment does not lead to the next? It leads you to the moment after the next, to the moment past, or through narrow lanes in drizzly weather in search of a memory you can’t pinpoint. Pools of sorrow, waves of joy […]