Pop Culture Decides

Know whats the latest to irk me. I hate the fact that we ( and by that I mainly mean me) rely on pop culture (which in India translates to our movies) to dictate if we are wierdos or not. If you were in love with a chicken(and let me expressly mention that I am […]

Enter… Anil George

30th August 2006 (Drum roll)(Mallu Chants and Loud Trumpeting of Elephants)The Mal Man’s list… 1. Honda CRV2. 4 BHK Aptmnt in Bangalore3. Farmhouse in Delhi4.Bose Home Theatre system 5. Holiday trip to Australia and New Zealand6. Fully paid trip to Europe7. Membership to the best club in town8. A holiday house in the hills9. A […]

Riwin's Wish list for 2006-07

30th August 2006 1. A Russian sniper rifle (Dragunov) with (at least) 100 extra bullets.2. Long holiday3. Well compiled book of proverbs.4. All the unpublished books of J.D.Salinger5. An 80GB MP3 player.6. A two floor house with state of the art gym at the ground floor with an open lawn and green flowers at the […]

The Incredible Mr. Bhanu Prathap…..

August 30th 2006 10 Things I wish I had right now 1. Mercedes Car2. Samsung Slimfit TV3. A ‘supari’ on my boss4. Trip to Leh with friends5. 6233 nokia mobile6. 100 top movies DVD’s7. Nakamichi home theater8. House near Juhu Beach9. Modular Kitchen

Wish List 2006

August 30th 2006, Before making my wish-list for this year, how bout an update on last year’s? 2005 Wish List1. Motorola e398 or maybe a Black Razr – Got this one…. an e3982. Either Archos Gmini or Creative Nomad 30GB – Tough luck, it might make it to this year’s list3. Wide Screen Notebook PC […]

The list goes on…

I have this other blog running, called VixList . It started out as a place where I could keep a wish list of all stuffs I (and my friends) wanted… Its now turned into a hotch-potch of lists which I had the urge to make… I think I remember making a list of all my […]