The Idea

The creation of the universe has long been argued about by philosophers, scientists and religious heads. While the formers views about it vary with every phase of the moon, the tide and flapping of butterfly wings, the other two have been at loggerheads with each other.  Scientists have theories ranging from the bizarre to the […]


Date: 1st December 1996. I first came to know about Mukund thru Vijay when I joined Inter. Vijay asked me to mingle with this boy called Mukund who would be my senior. Vijay painted quite a picture of him. A studious nerd with a bunch of cronies. He also told me that Mukund was a […]


Started 11 July 1997. Inside every guy wearing a suite, there is a guy in a T-Shirt in him wanting to get out. No mater how great your triumph or how sorrowful your defeat, About 1 billion Chinese around the world couldn’t care less. The turtle may not soar like the eagle, but It doesn’t […]

His finest hour

This was my first writing effort ever… i dont exactly remember when I wrote this, perhaps in Inter. But the character of Balakrishna was based on our Physics Lecturer in Inter…. The story itself was inspired from ‘To Sir With Love’ and It was titled so till moments ago. Btw, no apologies for the immaturity […]


This is a ‘Copy Paste’ from my Diary…..and if u expected a disclaimer…u wont be dissappointed. The views below were certainly mine…but please also note the date. My current views may not necesarily be the same on all topics. Date:- 14th June 1996 You may be surprized that the name Syed Asad is the first […]

Here is an interesting list. I googled for ‘Vikram Mohan’ and found a whole bunch of them….u can read about em and ive given the url too.. 1) Age: 21 Occupation: student SC Position: columnist Location: Augusta, Georgia, United States And herez a link to an article which he might have written 2) […]

Divine Justice

It was a much too typical evening on the 14th of May. The sun seemed unwilling to set behind the hills with the high raise ’60 lac each’ condominiums, wanting to catch a glimpse of the night sky – an unfullfilled wish since the dawn of time. The early stars were loathe to come out […]