Vikram’s List of 10 things he wishes he had RIGHT NOW!

1. Cell phone ( Top of the mind)

2. Palm PC

3. Great earphones.

4. Great apartment.

5. Scanner

6. Brand new PC

7. Home Theatre System (DVD, Bose Speakers, Large TC etc)

8. CD Writer

9. Emergency Light ( I realize that this is pathetic, but last time the power went, and I really wanted to read..besides, its my list)

10. Cool looking watch ( I have no idea why..i dont wear a watch anyways)

Now the reason I didnt include things like a Car or say even my own private jet is that, if u remember this is a list of things i want right now. And owning a car (or a jet) is one thing, but with my current pay check, I cant affor to maintain they are out.

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